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Danley Sound Labs is pleased to announce the new D-Series of amplifiers. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/danley-sound-labs-launches-new-line-of-professional-amplifiers/

New Audio-Technica ES Wireless

Simple, Smart, Scalable

The demand for wireless microphones has grown as a result of the increasing prevalence of videoconferencing and web conferencing. Audio-Technica’s Engineered Sound Wireless Systems is a DECT wireless system that offers simple, smart, and scalable high-quality audio. This system overcomes many challenges of conventional wireless microphones, such as frequency coordination and the limited number of simultaneous microphones.

Operation is incredibly easy for end users, with microphones ready to use by simply removing them from the charging station. At full charge, the batteries offer all-day operation. Installation is also made easy using PoE to power the receiver(s) and Dante audio output capabilities. System integrators are able to configure detailed settings to meet a wide variety of end-user needs. Wiring is as simple as connecting a single Cat 5e cable to a PoE network switch. Seamless setup and management are controlled via Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software, which is capable of managing multiple wireless systems, including UHF wireless systems, from a single screen. In addition, AES256 encryption comes standard, providing superior security and reliable operation.

System Features

  • Automatic DECT-based frequency management
  • Up to 96 simultaneously usable channels
  • Simple setup with Cat 5e cable and 8-channel Dante audio output
  • Standard mode (48 channels) for minimized latency, and HD mode (96 channels) for maximizing the number of channels
  • Selectable RF power output to optimize coverage area
  • Compatible with Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software for centralized management of system settings and operations
  • Presets for customizing transmitters for multiple applications
  • Roaming function for connecting transmitters to multiple receivers within preconfigured rooms/areas
  • Long-lasting internal lithium-ion batteries for all-day transmitter use
  • Optimized sound quality for intelligible, crystal-clear audio
  • Adjustable high-pass, transmitter gain, and volume for each receiver channel
  • AES256 encryption for superior security
  • Compatible with Syslog protocol
  • Ability to configure, monitor, and save device settings as projects in Wireless Manager
  • DECT RF scan for identifying the number of available DECT wireless channels via A-T’s Wireless Manager software

Introducing the Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X

Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

  • Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording
  • High-output internal headphone amplifier delivers superior clarity, volume and musical detail
  • Smooth, extended frequency response ideally suited for streaming, podcasting, and music and video production
  • Accessories included: 3/8″-16 to 5/8″-27 threaded adapter, desk stand, 2.0 m (6.6′) USB-C to USB-A cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter

Bencsik Associates earn Audio-Technica Presidents award 2022


Bencsik Associates is now proudly REPRESENTING Hall Technologies

Audio-technica ATW-3255 Iem System


3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System (click on photo to enlarge)

The Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System was designed to bring professional sound quality and features to all levels of performers and performance venues. System integrators for houses of worship, owners of live-performance venues and the musicians who play in them all tell us the same thing: They need an affordable, durable in-ear monitor system that is easy to use and, crucially, delivers high-quality sound with dependable RF.

The 3000 Series Wireless IEM provides all that and more.

With design elements modeled after our popular 3000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone Systems, the 3000 Series IEM features a rack-mount transmitter with front-panel controls and large OLED display, body-pack receiver with an efficient headphone amp (it also conveniently charges in the same ATH-CHG3 and ATH-CHG3N charging stations as the 3000 Series UHF body-pack transmitters), and ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones with propriety dual phase push-pull drivers. Together these elements provide clear, natural sound quality on any stage.

The 3000 Series Wireless IEM offers exceptionally wideband UHF coverage (138 MHz), available in frequency band DF2 (470 – 608 MHz); receiver antenna diversity to ensure RF stability; and stereo or mono operation with pan/personal mix controls. Additional features include network monitoring and control via the Audio-Technica Wireless Manager software, a cue mode that allows an audio engineer to monitor several IEM channels from a single receiver, and a 3000 Link mode that enables compatibility with 3000 Series wireless microphone components.

Mixing and performing on a smaller scale shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing sound quality. Through the 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System, Audio-Technica continues to deliver on its promise of making high-quality audio accessible to all.


  • Durable wireless in-ear monitor system delivers high-quality sound and stable RF
  • Ideal for use in houses of worship and performance venues
  • Optimized internal digital signal processing provides exceptional stereo separation
  • Wide UHF tuning bandwidth of 138 MHz for maximum versatility in an increasingly congested RF environment; available in frequency band DF2 (470 – 608 MHz)
  • Shares design elements with the 3000 Series UHF Wireless Systems for easy integration and compatibility
  • Transmitter and receiver include OLED screens for optimal readout of key settings and alerts
  • Offers network monitoring and control via Wireless Manager software
  • A channel plan can be deployed to all network-connected transmitters via an RF scan from a single receiver, with no interference or third-order intermodulation
  • Body-pack receiver operates continuously for up to 7 hours when powered by NiMH batteries and charged in the ATW-CHG3 or ATW-CHG3N charging station (sold separately)
  • Stereo or mono operation with pan/personal mix controls
  • Receiver is equipped with an efficient headphone amp to ensure clear, natural sound quality
  • Custom audio settings include EQ, limiter, gain control and balance
  • Receiver’s antenna diversity improves RF stability
  • Included ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones feature propriety dual phase push-pull drivers for exceptional accuracy and clarity
  • Transmitter is equipped with balanced XLR inputs and loop output, plus network port

Adaptive Technologies Group

The GO TO rental and staging LED mounting system
This innovative LED ground support system includes everything you need to set up video walls. Quickly build up to 16 monitors wide and 9 monitors tall using 500 mm LED monitors with these LED video wall mounts. Or add the single column extension to assemble a 17 X 9. Loc-N-Load sets up and packs up in half the time that it takes using conventional ground support methods.
The Loc-N-Load’s telescoping T-Base supports two vertical columns of monitors (up to 9 high). They connect to the next T-Base and to the next, etc. Each T-Base is equipped with three adjustable gliders as well as X and Z axis bubble levels so your crew can get the first tier of monitors locked into the same plane quickly.
The telescoping Back Brace connects to the back of the T-Base and extends upward to the 4th, 5th and 6th tiers as the T-Base extends outward. This provides a higher reach and an anchor point to the upper tier monitors as the video wall grows higher.
When dismantled, all of the T-Bases, Back Braces and Back Stays quickly stow onto the rolling cart, along with the single-column T-Base extension. Cart weight fully loaded is less than 850lbs.

Adaptive Technologies Group


The BC-W3-8-6 to provides a safe and secure overhead rigging
point from underneath regular structural wood and Glulam
overhead beams. This rugged, all-steel three-piece design will
accommodate beam depths of 6” (155 mm) or more and widths
from 3 inches wide to 8 inches wide (76-200 mm).

Adaptive Technologies Group

SAS-500-WM-G The Steerables Line Array Wall Mount

500lb Outdoor Speaker Wall Mount

The Steerables Line Array Wall Mount installs and aims line
arrays on either side of a stage or building. It’s heavy black
powder-coated steel framework assures safe installations and
installs permanently. Line Arrays suspend from their own overhead rigging points, which allows for the desired tilt angle. Pan
angles, up to 45 degrees left or right are achieved by way of an
upper cross arm to aim the line array
into the desired angle. An outdoor
version, the SAS-500-WM-G, comes
in a weather rated galvanized finish

Audio-technica supplies Mics for the broadcast of the winter games

 Audio-Technica is delighted to once more be supporting the host broadcaster of China’s most significant live sporting event this winter with an exceptional number of microphones, headphones and associated accessories.

For some 26 years, Audio-Technica has been providing innovative audio acquisition solutions to the biennial global broadcasts that cover multiple sporting disciplines across many different and varied venues, played out over two weeks of intense physical action.

Camera positions are often set up with Audio-Technica’s shotgun microphones; at Beijing there are over 700, with the majority being BP4027 & BP4029 stereo models in order to deliver an enhanced soundscape.

Microphone innovation can be found in multiple locations that call for competition on ice, such as speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating, where approximately 60 pieces of AT880b contact microphone are sunk into the ice fields before being frozen, to pick up the often only subtle sound of competitors’ skates.

Bringing the tactics, action and excitement of curling to the home is handled by over 50 channels of ATW-5000 Series wireless belt-pack microphone systems, often working continuously for up to 13 hours per day in what can be a challenging competition environment, both in terms of temperatures and radio frequency planning.

A long-running signature of the sports broadcasts is the detail of a venue’s “ambient” sound, delivered in 5.1 surround, which relies on a combination of AT4050 mono and AT4050ST stereo large diaphragm microphones, often hung from high in venues, as well as the more recent introduction of a pair of stereo BP4025 microphones fitted to a custom windshield mount in a 4.0 setting. In total there are over 200 of these ambient microphones throughout the various competition sites.

U851R boundary microphones, in special “winter white” colors, BP899 & BP898 lapel microphones hidden discreetly around the fields of play, and a healthy quantity of in-ear E-Series monitors and Mx-Series headphones help complete the extensive inventory delivered by Audio-Technica into the host city.

Finally, making a second appearance, after their inaugural success in Tokyo last summer, are 14 of Audio-Technica’s prototype 8.0 Microphones, each consisting of eight 12mm diameter microphone elements. The 8.0 microphones form part of the host broadcaster’s immersive audio program delivery package, mixed real-time in this fast-paced live sports environment; they all contribute to delivering close-up action and an encompassing audio experience of each sporting discipline.

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Atlas Statement REGARDING Log4j

Audio-Technica AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone

Taking cues from our BP40 broadcast microphone, the rugged AT2040 dynamic microphone brings professional broadcast-quality sound and style to podcasters and other content creators at an accessible price. The mic’s multistage windscreen combines a nonwoven filter with foam mesh to provide superior internal pop filtering, while its integrated shock mount prevents unwanted noise by attenuating vibration from a boom arm or mic stand. The highly directional pickup (hypercardioid) keeps the sound focused on your voice and helps to minimize unwanted room noise.

Bencsik Associates proudly welcomes Audio-Technica to the portfolio of manufactures we represent! Starting today July, 1, 2021, we will represent Audio-Technica in Florida and Puerto Rico. Contact your local Rep. for more information.

Atlas Atmosphere 2.0

Bencsik Associates welcomes Appotronics to our line list.

Watchfire Demo Trucks Available

Request a visit from the Watchfire Demo Truck.


Fremont Street Experience attracts more than 23 million visitors annually and is adjacent to 10 casinos and more than 60 restaurants. An exciting reveal of the new canopy at full visual capability is planned for New Year’s Eve. Tickets will go on sale beginning November 27.

The last of 59 truckloads of digital signage modules left the manufacturing facility at Watchfire Signs in Danville, Ill. recently, closing out the chapter on the renovation of the world’s largest single video screen, Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. Watchfire Signs, selected last year for the $30 million renovation, completed the project on budget and ahead of schedule for the grand reveal on New Year’s Eve.

Installation is complete on the digital canopy that covers Fremont Street Experience. It is 1,500 feet long and is suspended 90 feet above a pedestrian mall. The first update in 14 years, the new digital canopy is now seven times brighter and four times sharper than the original, making the light show on the canopy vivid even during daylight hours.

Watchfire designed an all-new product for the Fremont Street project that allowed the modules to be cut to fit the existing structure without impacting the information displayed. Perforations in each module also let daylight filter through and air circulate, critical for dispersing heat and illuminating the street below. High contrast materials and an innovative light trapping design combine to make it possible to run content on the canopy during the day – something that was impossible with the old design.

“We had to get very creative to develop a unique product that met all the distinctive needs for Fremont Street, including trimmable modules that fit the canopy’s shape and can handle the extreme desert conditions,” said Steve Harriott, president and CEO of Watchfire Signs. “Interest in this product has been very high and we’re looking forward to using it for other projects.”

The scale of the Fremont Street project was the largest in Watchfire’s history. It included manufacturing and shipping 130,000 sq. ft. of digital signage. The canopy was manufactured in more than 67,000 modules containing 49 million LEDs. A total of 1,054 subframes containing 64 modules each were installed in phases, allowing Fremont Street to remain open during the upgrade.

Since each subframe was manufactured to be installed at a specific spot on the canopy, Watchfire created a special crating and labeling system that arranged frames in a precise order within the shipping crates, making identification on the job site easy.

“The success of the Fremont Street project is proof of what Watchfire stands for. We are a team of innovators, combining new design with in-field excellence in service. This was an all-hands-on-deck project for Watchfire, and nearly every employee was involved in some way,” said Harriott. The Watchfire production facility added optional overtime shifts to accommodate production, enabling experienced Watchfire staff to build the project without the need to hire and train temporary workers. The entire project was completed without impacting the company’s existing sign industry customers.

The Atlas SHS Series

(Strategically Hidden loudSpeaker)

SHS Video